Misson & Beliefs

Our Mission Statement at Pauline-Glenn Springs Elementary

Leading is a PGS thing!               


At Pauline-Glenn Springs Elementary School, we believe that....

 *All students are unique individuals who desire to be cared for, respected, and loved.

 * Student learning is our chief priority.

 * Our complex society demands that students be lifelong learners.

 * Students learn best when expectations are high and they are actively involved in the learning.

 * Teachers, parents, students, administrators, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.




  At PGS We Envision....

* a school, where through the success offered in all areas of learning,

students are made aware of their potential.

* a school where all cultures are recognized for their varied contributions.

* a school where students are taught to be independent learners.

* a school where parents, staff and community work together to prepare

students for the future.

* a school where students learn and practice responsible behavior.

* a school where teaching methods address all learning styles.